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Vacuumm forming, or thermoforming, consists on heating a plastic sheet in an oven and then form it against a mold, replicating a pressure chamber with the help of a vacuumm cleaner. This is the best/cheapest way of forming plastic sheets without industrial machinery.

The key thing here is choosing the right material. We had two options: a clear plastic sheet applying spray black tint on it after forming, or an already tinted material. The allready tinted material, guaranties an uniform tint all over the surface of the visor, while the spray black tint is more like an artistic work and the result is not an industrial  quality result. The thinnest, allready black tinted material, we found was a 3mm thick Acrylic. Knowing acrylic has a low stretch ratio, and the minimum thickness avaiable was 3mm we thought we would need at least a 500x700mm sheet to guaranty the complet form. This is a pretty big size if compared with a standar kitchen oven, so we decided to build one with the scale needed. 

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