Sigma Firmware 1.0

The system is based on a C++ block that runs in Teensy32 over the TeensyDuion Core of Stoffregen and another block of Lua coda running independiently over NodeMCU in WS8212. The whole firmware is under a premature developing but there's few functional blocks that allow a basic functioning (still Beta). The system is composed, by now, by 25 classes containing 12.000 code lines. It is a modular system and its arranged in diverse libraries. Read more

This is the main core of the firmware, running the main cycle. the main cycle is executed once every frame and has every step needed for building a new frame.
The system recives the sensors values, such as position and movement, MIDI wire messages, RF or File, the different user inputs and captures an audio sample group related to the duration of the frame.
With this values, the system extracts de tempo and the beat of the audio, each active MIDI instrument module, and the light/color library calculates in RAM the content to be displayed on the LED Panels in the next frame.

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