What is LoveProps?
We are a maker team that expends as much free time as possible to take part or develop prop making projects and electronics/software dedicated to props/cosplay and unique objects. We work hard and durable materials, such as bondo, tinted resins, clear resins, plastics, acrylics... Applying techincs as 3D designing, 3D printing, thermoforming, silicone molds, painting, weathering, clear coats... Read more

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LoveProps Sigma Firmware

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LoveProps Sigma 1.0

LoveProps Daft Punk Helmet Hardware Technical Specifications

LoveProps Tetrahedron


In 2015, we were contacted to design and build an special object to be displayed as a memorial at the main stage of the FC Barcelona Stadium. The main concept was a static retroprojected acrylic cube, but the commisioner gived to the team freedom to modify and expand the concept to a next level. We came out with a 40cm tall tetrahedron, witch is the most pure geometrical form, sculpted in noble materials (black african marble and tempered glass) that houses a programmable rotatory robotic mechanism to retroproject memorial and conceptual videos on the projectable film applied on the interior of the glass walls. The reduced space, short time for developing and the custom PCBs and code, make this such an engineering achievement and a beautifull, artistic and unique piece.
LoveProps Daft Punk Helmet


In 2016, LoveProps finished the GM01, which is a feature-expanded tribute to the iconic Daft Punk's Guy Manuel helmet. We designed a custom SMD PCB system that includes new generation hardware for interaction proposals. It's called SIGMA. Combining SIGMA with other custom panels specifically made for the GM01 lighting, this helmet is a step closer to being the real robot that the original helmet was just pretending to be: A programmable, autonomous unit capable of interacting with the user. The GM01 is a dynamic and easy to use light instrument capable of playing pre-recorded animations or generating new ones in real time, modifying them according to multiple hardware inputs: motion, sound/music, Midi and Wifi. Everything is housed on an astonishing chromed chassis, a huge tinted acrylic visor and a beautiful shiny black control board/power supply gauntlet.
Love Props - Prop Makers

PCB Designing

Custom PCB designing brings to the table infinite possibilities to your projects. Avoiding the use of develope protoboards in your final pieces, will give you the same processing capabilities.
Love-Props - Prop Makers

3D Based Sculpting

3D printing is a good solution for small functional parts, but when you need bigger, with critical geometry and finish pieces, sculpting with 3D guides and references is the best option.
Love-Props - Prop Makers


Thermoforming is the best option if you need transparent, lightweight or easily replicable parts. It can be done without industrial machinery, using cheap materials and easy to build molds.
Love-Props - Prop Makers

Workshop Tips

Sometimes things are easier that it seem, just by knowing the right techniques. Experienced tips are your best friends when it comes to handmade craftings and projects.

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